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Testing stress put to rest

Dealing with midterm stress for the Winter 2014 Semester. Full story

Crisis in Europe's Breadbasket

Ukraine has been a country that is near and dear to my heart. After living in Poland, I have found that I have a passionate interest in the country’s political affairs and culture. It has been interesting to see what has come out of the country since late November. Full story


When a fellow student walks up to me and asks me to write about how some students are harassing her based on her age, it makes me sick Full story

Valentine's Day

With the mass confusion of classes starting and New Year’s resolutions being broken or maintained, it is hard to forget that Valentine’s Day is coming closer. And soon, it will be time to begin the frenzy of finding your loved one the perfect gift.   Gifts like roses, candies, and precious jewelry will be tossed in your direction, giving you a slight panic attack.   Don’t worry. There are things you can do for your loved one that don’t have to break the bank this year. Full story

Holiday Madness

By letting ourselves get wrapped up in the commercialism, we have lost the true meaning of Christmas. The idea of getting the best price for a flat-screen television, or buying the necklace your girlfriend “always” wanted is clouding the true message.   To me, Christmas is being surrounded by the ones you love the most. There is no need for extravagant gifts or fancy presents. We have one another and that’s what the holidays are about. Full story

Taking a Break?

With that aside, there are times where everyone, anywhere, just needs a break from everything. Family, school, work, a significant other (not that I am endorsing cheating on anyone.) We all need a break from something to relieve the stress put on each of us everyday. Full story

Freshman Know-How

Giving freshmen a few pointers of what to do in their collegiate career. Full story

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Weighing in on the conflict in Syria

Conflict in Syria has gained national attention as countries around the world decide how to respond to the use of chemical weapons. Full story

Melanie Jacobs-Davis

Student sounds off on Monroe housing agency

An MCCC student and resident of Greenwood Townhomes says she is being evicted because she spoke out last year to help another tenant who was threatened with eviction. Full story

Gta 5

Would you sell your soul for Grand Theft Auto 5?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has surpassed all expectations and achieved something no other game could; they’ve hit $1 billion in just three days. Full story

Greenwood Townhouses

Housing Commission; shame on you!

A resident of Greenwood Townhouses, which is operated by the Monroe Housing Commission, is struggling to stay in her home as she battles cancer. Full story

Fate of journalism in our hands

Oct. 3 marks the 19 anniversary of my grandfather’s death.  His contributions to journalism at Eastern Michigan University led to my passion for the written word. Full story

Inexperienced teen voters change election results

I am a firm believer that most kids between the ages of 16 to 18 really have no idea what it means to vote. Full story

Limit spanking kids, teens

The last time that any child has been brought down in front of their peers to receive Corporal Punishment (aka spanked with a paddle) in Michigan was back in 1989. Full story

Pageants are misunderstood

 Pageants have been controversial in today’s society.     Do they glorify hard work and the platforms that each contestant represents? Or do they create snobby, boastful girls who care only about wearing a shiny crown and being able to say they are the winner?   Full story

Just buy the real, paper, printed book

New-fangled technology has allowed us to have cell phones, portable computers, and now, even convenient electronic books — aka ebooks.   Full story

Why do I have to breathe their smoke?

Why is it that even though we are a non-smoking campus, people still insist on smoking near the doors outside of the buildings? Should a non-smoker be forced to walk through their carcinogenic billows?   Full story

Joanna Sabo and Dan Shaw

Study abroad an experience of a lifetime

I've had a taste of Study Abroad, and I want more. I tagged along on MCCC's 2011 Study Abroad trip to Central Europe – 20 days in Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. It was an experience of a lifetime for me, and confirmed that I want to be part of more trips with students. Full story

tyler r

NBA lockout good for NCAA

The NBA lockout saga is starting to turn into a joke. Millionaires are arguing with billionaires about how to split money that the majority do not need. Players aren't in serious danger of medical issues after their careers end, as NFL players are. Owners are asking for money that they have no need for. Full story


What makes a college great?

 At the Back to School BBQ this year, The Agora asked students to submit story ideas, and ideas poured in. One particular suggestion was to write a story about why there aren't many beauti­ful people on campus. As silly as this sounds, because true beauty lies on the inside of each of us, I was start­ing to wonder if this anonymous sugges­tion was hitting the nail on the head for what is wrong with our campus. Full story


Parking looking like Black Friday

Let's face it, more of us are finding ourselves on campus this semester due to the scheduling of classes. Full story


Amish vacation ruined by imported goods

My family and I took our vacation this year to Shipshewana, Indiana, one of the nation's largest Amish populations. We paid over $600 for five nights stay in an Amish- built log cabin, which featured two queen beds, indoor-plumbing and a nice porch in a pine forest Full story


New apps take parent snooping to a new level

 It has been a parent's dream for centuries to be able to pinpoint their childrens exact location; espe­cially when they hit the teen years. The only reason parents want this information is so they know their child is safe, and whether or not the child is always telling the truth about their whereabouts. Full story

Organic gardening is simple, easy, affordable

With all the hype over labeling of Genetically Modified Food (GMO) in the United States, and Monsanto "playing God" with our food supply — many people have started their own organic gardens in their yard. I am no exception. Full story

Advice on being a military girlfriend

Bolster weighs in how she handles her boyfriend being in the military

Many women have been dealing with husbands, sons, and boyfriends leaving them to join the military. My boyfriend recently left for the Marine Corps. It is a lot harder to deal with than many people think. I am going to give some advice on how to survive a significant other leaving for the military. Full story


Join local Emergency Response Team

While walking through the Health building, stu­dents may have noticed a couple of flyers for some­thing called C.E.R.T. C.E.R.T., or Community Emergency Response Team, is a Citizen Corps organization that trains average citizens in proper disaster preparedness. Full story


Stop LGBT bullying

Alliance formed to help fight prejudice

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have been around for centuries, and they've been followed around by bullying, hate crimes and discrimination. Full story

U.S. should maintain support of Israel

Despite what her Arab neighbors claim, Israel's existence in the Middle East has been the focus of their scorn since she was conceived as the world's only Jewish-majority state. Full story


Community college education can compete

Community colleges always have faced the question – do students get as good a start on their college education as they would at four-year universities? Full story

Joe Prestia

Wake up students: the Fed has too much power

Over the last few years, in light of all of the country’s financial troubles, there has been increasing interest and concern amongst Americans regarding the actions and policies of the United States’ central bank, the Federal Reserve. Full story

Mariah Bruce

Can't censor history

Mark Twain has been quoted as saying,  "Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it." Full story

Christina Clark

The greater evil: Boobs or brutality?

Why is it socially acceptable to watch someone be curb- stomped, or have their head torn off, but it is disgusting to show a butt or a boob? Full story


Public shouldn't take MLK Day for granted

There seem to be only four words from the famous King speech that people remember today. Because issues of racism are no longer strongly persistent, the words, messages, and life of Dr. King seem to be slowly slipping from public attention. Full story


Where's the dislike button?

Though fun at first, social networking sites have long since become a breeding ground for narcissism, drama, and the popular trend of the digital anti-resume. Full story

Morgan Hofbauer

Controversial mosque reveals prejudice

Nine years after the Sept. 11 attack, the war not only continues but has led us directly into a second unseen war; a war against ignorance and prejudice in the “land of the free.” Full story