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Blogs at the Agora

Welcome to the Agora's blog page. Currently there are blogs by Agora staff members, but we welcome anyone in the college community to blog with us. If you are interested in having your own blog, contact us at Full story

Student Blogs

Welcome to the student blogs. Here are some blogs written by Agora Staff and MCCC students. In these blogs there are a wide variety of topics. We hope you enjoy reading them. If you are interested in starting your own blog contact Dan Shaw @ for more info.

Gooey dough

Tasting the World

Join me on a culinary adventure where I'll attempt to bake or cook traditional cuisines once a week. Your tastebuds will thank you...maybe not all the time. Full story


Hey Hey It's Mika

A blog created to share Mika's thoughts about the current issues surrounding the world. Full story

The Defensive Closeout

As a life-long basketball player and recent coach, I've seen my way around the game. Here are my thoughts on the ins and outs of what's going on in this great sport today. Full story


The Photo Idiot

This is a blog about photography. Full story

Melanie Jacobs-Davis

Breaking the cycle of emotional abuse

All forms of abuse are devastating and inexcusable. Emotional abuse obliterates ones' self worth; it castigates the victim in order to gain control. It is a precursor of all other forms of abuse and consumes all types of victims - women and children most of all. My name is Melanie, and I was a victim of emotional abuse throughout my childhood and into my marriage. I tried to end my life because of it - and God gave me a second chance. I'm here to address this issue, which is closely tied to our nation's epidemic of suicide, violent behavior and substance abuse, just to name a few. It is an issue of feeling shamed and worthless; an epidemic on the rise. I'm here to say that you have nothing to be ashamed of! Join me in this fight... Full story

Tattered suitcase logo

The Tattered Suitcase

Hello my name is Katie Mullin and I am a journalism student here at MCCC. The Tattered Suitcase will be a blog dedicated to commentary on world affairs, reviews on foreign documentary films and travel advice. Full story

Blog Pic

Full Court Press

For any basketball fans who view our site, I will be following the NBA season for the current semester. Standings, top 10 teams, All- Star players and anything else I find interesting! Full story

Faculty Blogs

Welcome to the faculty area of The Agora's blog page. Any faculy member, full or part-time, can start their own blog. If you are interested, contact Agora adviser Dan Shaw at Full story

Dan Shaw

News Notes

Welcome to News Notes, where I discuss local and national media issues and anything else that crosses my mind. My name is Dan Shaw, and I am an assistant professor of journalism at Monroe County Community College. Over the last 30 or so years I’ve been a reporter, city editor, news editor, managing editor, executive editor and publisher of newspapers in seven states. In other words, I’ve had trouble keeping a job. But in the process I’ve soaked up a little journalism and have perspectives to share on a variety of topics. I hope you’ll join me in the conversation. Full story

Mike Taylor


Hoping this Blog about a relatively little known topic will strike your interest! The intention is for this to be a basic information source about Metrology. Often when Metrology is mentioned it is confused with Meteorology (weather, etc), or its mention will draw only a blank stare. I’ve now worked in the Metrology field for about 25 years. Part of this has been during Navy active duty and reserve service in support of the submarine fleet, the war on terrorism in the Middle East, and in various leadership roles with the Navy Information Technology system. Also, I've worked for 22 years as a Metrologist in an assortment of capacities for Detroit Edison, including service as a technical support adviser to Quality Assurance. I'm a new Adjunct Instructor of Metrology at Monroe County Community College. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Technology from Siena Heights University. Full story