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Greetings all. 

My name is Travis Trombley and I am a student as well as a Writing Fellow here  at MCCC. As someone passionate about writing (though not necessarily apt in the art), I will use this blog to discuss the topic of writing as it pertains to us, students,  as well as any general topics that pop into my head. Hopefully I will be able to share some writing tips, expose some of the problems most often found in papers that come into the Writing Center, and generally discuss the various forms of writing necessary for collegiate success.

Live long and prosper

Travis Trombley

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04/22/12 11:01 AM

The Voice                 Last week, when someone tried to argue about comma placement based on natural pauses, a friend astutely replied, “commas are not respirators.” I don’t know where he got that, but it is a brilliant little saying. More importantly, it touches on a difficult subject of writing: separating spoken and written language.                 I have heard so many times individuals try to justify sloppy writing by saying that is the way they talk. While personal voice is a crucial element of good writing, it must be expressed within the confines of proper mechanics. ...

Emoticons in Formal Language! . . .

04/15/12 17:07 PM

Round bout 93 percentage of what we says is aint in what we say, but how we says it. This is called nonverbalized communication. Now, our society has evolved into one that, because of the adventions of modern technology, communicates vastly by text. Be it by sending text messages, or “txt msgs” as the kids say, on your cellular device or posting on the face book, we have become reliant on regular text. This is an problem. We are loosing the vast majority of our messages without nonverbalized communication. That is, until the emoticon. Emoticons are means by witch individuals may convey, utilitarianizing text, an nonverbal message. Emoticons are texual derivations of real life human emotions one would connect to a massage. Take the message “I walked the dog,” for instant. Is this good or...

Things to Keep in Mind When Writing

04/08/12 23:10 PM

                For all of the papers we write, how often do we ask ourselves, “Why am I writing this essay?” A student asked me that question, a question I had never really thought about before, during my first semester as a Writing Fellow. Sadly, I found myself stymied and struggling to come up with a response. Ruminating on the question further that night, I came up with a few answers that I have since used as a guide for myself and others.                 The answer is constituted of two simple ideas, ideas that act as the crux of a college education: understanding concepts and critical thinking. Teachers use essays as means...