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Greetings all. 

My name is Travis Trombley and I am a student as well as a Writing Fellow here  at MCCC. As someone passionate about writing (though not necessarily apt in the art), I will use this blog to discuss the topic of writing as it pertains to us, students,  as well as any general topics that pop into my head. Hopefully I will be able to share some writing tips, expose some of the problems most often found in papers that come into the Writing Center, and generally discuss the various forms of writing necessary for collegiate success.

Live long and prosper

Travis Trombley

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Applying the Skills One Learns Cleaning One’s Room to the Art of Writing Essays

03/26/12 20:22 PM

               The previous two weeks I have been having Writing Fellow sessions with the students from the class assigned to me. Their assignment is one of the more infamous assignments professors like to dole out: the article review. Having to read the same type of paper again and again, though tedious at times, I have noticed that many of the same issues pop up in all of the papers—they have messy rooms.                Allow me to explain. Writing is, in so many ways, organizing. Once you have your thoughtful ideas, poignant points, and sound arguments, it all comes down to organization (and the optimization thereof). To put it simply,...