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Chaotic College Life: Fall 2011 Update

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I have been an enrolled student at Monroe County Community College since August of 2007. I took about two semesters part-time before having to take a small two year break before I was able to come back to college full-time. When I first registered, my major was Computer Science. Now it is Communications, were I am pursing my Associate’s degree at MCCC and then transferring to Siena Heights University by Fall 2013.


This year has been one of the challenging years I have had, but I made it successfully. The semesters have even shaped me to be the person I am today. I have definitely had my ups and downs with choosing classes. Even learning that one class was a mistake and another one had road bumps but I made it through. Right now, I’ll just focus on


Fall Semester was one of the semesters that I had the most fun with. I had officially picked up my double major of Journalism. I became a staff member of the student run newspaper, The Agora, and even became President of MCCC Gay-Straight Alliance. Then joined up with Student Government. On top of taking InDesign Desktop Publishing, Photoshop Graphics, Intro to Journalism, and being in Journalism Workshop (The Agora).


Here is a small recap of what I thought about my fall classes and even what I did in clubs:

InDesign Desktop Publishing

My interest in this class peaked when I first started designing for The Agora. The adviser for The Agora taught this class and had asked me if I had taken the class. Not yet, so I registered to take it right away. Taking it really has helped because I found out I can design just about anything I could put my mind too. I overall learned that designing fliers in InDesign is much easier than in Illustrator. Even gave me the knowledge to help me when designing for the paper!


Photoshop Graphics

I took this class because being a photographer, I am always messing around in Photoshop. I had prior knowledge of the program before taking the class, so some things were just learning tips; however, there were things I enjoyed learning about. One being making action sets. Taking this class has definitely even helped me with learning the objectives of some tools that I wouldn’t have thought to use at all. This class really has helped me excel with Photoshop, which was something I was really hoping for.


Introduction to Journalism

This class was pretty interesting. I learned a lot with the ethics and rules that I needed to know with going into the journalism field. Even taught me that journalistic style of writing is much much different than writing in MLA format, which was something I was use to with taking English Comp 1 and 2 prior. It had even helped me improve my journalism skills as I was, and still am, find tricks to help with all the skills I have learned.


The Agora (Journalism Workshop I)

Ever since I became a student at Monroe County Community College, I have had a goal of becoming staff of the student newspaper. Being able to finally get into the class and on staff helped me achieve that goal. My first goal was to be able to write articles that were just as good as the journalists who had written on staff before me. I had also found out that I was highly interested into the photojournalism, in which has been a huge benefit as I am one of two of the photographers on staff. I even helped with designing many of the editions that have been seen on campus and continue to enjoy every minute of being on staff.


Gay-Straight Alliance

Upon my first meeting of the club, I felt welcomed. Welcomed enough that I was instantly asked to be part of the executive committee were I first served as secretary. Winter 2011 semester came to an end quickly and the previous president was transferring, so the club needed a new president. I decided to take on the task, which was highly beneficial to the club. While in my presidency the club had grown to be one of a few big clubs on campus, we've teamed up with two other student clubs to put together an event that people enjoyed, and even pulled off a huge event that impacted many students. To see this club prosper and still be a huge part of it, makes me proud.


Student Government

I finally broke out of my shell this year and after many people telling me that I should join this club, I did. At first it was to make sure there was an alliance between this group and GSA, which I feel I have succeed. I made sure I was part of every subcommittee I could be on and even started making friend. Student Government has definitely helped me with enjoying my college experience, on I continue to enjoy into the next semester.


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